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Does your “to-do” list auto-populate?

I have a “to-do” list. I bet you do, too.



While I’ve been working hard on making that list smaller so I don’t freak out and actually get done what is important, sometimes it feels like whenever I get everything checked off, it magically auto-populates.


Holy, crow…can I NOT have a to-do list and still feel like a success as a mother, wife, business woman????????


In reality, no. I need my list to function, and I doubt it will ever end.


Let’s face it, as women, as moms, we just have different roles, responsibilities, and desires.


For instance, and I’m sure many of you can relate to this, the guy can step over a sock that couldn’t manage to make it to the hamper 15+ times before never picking it up.


You leave the sock there for a while thinking, “he’ll eventually see it, and put it in the hamper.” Nope. He never sees that sock laying on the ground….ever. He’ll go buy a new pair because he ran out of socks before he picks up that one sock and puts it in the hamper! :))


So…add picking up that sock to the list.


My point is that We Have A Lot To Do. And it doesn’t ever end, so…

  1. You have to choose what’s really important.
  2. You HAVE to set you body and mind up to handle the auto-populating to-do list.


How can you set yourself up for handling everything you do as a busy woman? (I’m going to leave #1 up to you.)


Eat to support your body and mind. Exercise. Sleep.


Eating the right foods will give you energy. It will also give you the desire to accomplish things.


Scientists KNOW that your gut health is your health, including your emotional health.


There is a direct link to you gut health and your mood. Depression and anxiety being at the top of the list for many (maybe most) women.


So, eat your greens and veggies. And remember the protein in all of your meals, and skip the sugar!




You might not be exercising right now (or for the past umpteen years) and so you may have forgotten, but regular exercise makes you more energized so you don’t feel like falling asleep like a zombie when you get home from work or after the kids get home from school.




Seriously, if you purposefully stay up late to do unimportant things like watch TV or scroll through Facebook or Instagram, you’ve got a bad habit you need to address and conquer.


You are killing yourself slowly when you don’t get enough rest. Only two nights per week of not enough sleep negatively impacts your health — the quality and quantity.


Prioritize your sleep if you want energy, to feel good about life, to have kinder relationships with your kids and husband, to live a longer life, or to live a healthier life.


I know the list is long, but you have control to shorten it and you have control to put YOU on the list. :)



Are you afraid you will slow everyone else down because you’re so out of shape and everyone else will be more fit than you?

Read this for inspiration.

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