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Breathing: The new core workout

Actually, breathing is not so new.  ;)


Training breathing is not so new either, but it is certainly not commonplace. And if you DO hear about it, it’s usually in yoga, and it’s all belly breathing.


BUT, we’re not common, so of course we train it.


Training your breathing is fundamental to total body strength (and health).


It’s also not a new core workout. It’s always been a core workout, it’s just that most trainers don’t talk about it or train it.


Proper breathing mechanics get you healthier, fitter, and stronger, so it really needs to be incorporated into your life.


Since most of the day we are on auto-pilot, feeling high levels of stress and in horrible sitting postures at the desk, car, or hunched over counters or tables, our posture and alignment get out of whack.


Do you know what happens when you are feeling stressed and then have horrible posture all day?


Your breathing mechanics change. Your ribs stop externally rotating. Your diaphragm doesn’t fully expand. Your superficial muscles start doing the job of muscles that stabilizing muscles are suppose to do. Muscles in your neck start lifting your ribs to get more air in. Your back extends more than it used to or your shoulders are rounded more than they used to be.


All of this and more, impact your ability to be aligned and breathing properly.


If you aren’t aligned and breathing properly…your core is going to be a weak link.


Here’s a way for you to start practicing at home: breathing video


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