Do you need starch?

Somewhere along the way, the media has made us think that all carbs are bad carbs and making us all too fat.


There might be some truth in that statement somewhere, but for many women who exercise (especially those who do resistance training), you NEED starchy carbs!


First, remember that every person is different. Different genetics, different food tolerances, different stomachs!


Some women can eat white potatoes and rice, but they don’t tolerate sweet potatoes.


Some women took antibiotics for ear infections as a kid, for acne as teenagers, and sinus infections as an adult, and as a result, their gut pH & gut flora is much different than yours. This can impact how their bodies respond to starch.


Okay…so why might you NEED starch?


Starch will help you maintain muscle!


If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you usually cut calories and exercise more, and most of the time, the scale goes down.


If you are skipping starches because they are “bad,” then you are probably losing more muscle than you need to be.


Starch, especially after a resistance training workout, prevents muscle loss. It actually preserves your lean muscle, and we WANT to preserve muscle!


Muscle takes up less space than fat, even though muscle weighs more.


Muscle is what gives you a more feminine shape.


Weight loss that comes from simply a caloric deficit diet just leads to a smaller version, NOT a shapelier version of you.


That’s why the scale is only ONE tool that you can use to measure weight loss (or weight gain) progress. You can’t tell if you are losing fat AND muscle!


So getting back to the topic, all starch is not evil, and it definitely has its place in a healthy diet, especially if you are doing resistance training like we do at Her Fitness.



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