3 Stability Ball Ab Exercises (2 beginner, 1 advanced)

If you are one of the thousands of women who have a stability ball at home, but it’s become a toy for the kids or the dog, it’s time to reclaim it and try these three ab exercises.

1. Stability Ball Rock Back with Arm Raise (beginner)

This is a great exercise to build your “brain-body” connection. Most women have lost the reactive connection that tells the deep abdominal layer “Hey, it’s time to activate and brace the body, your legs and arms are about to move!”

This exercise helps retrain what your body has forgotten to do.


2. Stability Ball Knee Tuck (advanced)

Before you attempt this one, make sure you can hold a 45 second plank on the ground (without dipping the hips or letting your low back cave).

I always like to start in kneeling position and roll myself over the ball rather than trying to start with me hands on the floor and putting my feet up on the ball.

Roll yourself over the ball so that either your shins or toes are resting on the ball.

Where women go wrong is allowing their low backs to dip and sink. Stay steady. Stay in that plank.


3. Stability Ball Dead Bug (beginner)

This exercise, again, activates the deep core layer. Work with your breath and exhale while your arm and leg are away from mid-section of your body. Take your inhale when the arm and leg return to the start.

Do not allow your low back to move. It’s okay if there is a small gap between your back and the floor, but it should remain the same amount space throughout the movement.