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Best exercises for a strong, functional core


I am pretty passionate about core training, sure I like flat abs, but I really like strong and functional abs.


Without a strong core and midsection the rest of your body will take a hit.


The core is typically the weakest link in the chain, but doing endless sit-ups, standing side bends, and oblique crunches just aren’t going to cut it.


So, what are the best core exercises you should be doing?


Here’s the secret to a  safe, smart and well-balanced core exercise routine trains the following functions of the core :

  • Anti-Extension … so you can alleviate lower back pain
  • Anti-Rotation … so your body can withstand the rotational forces that come with exercise and other athletic activities
  • Anti-Lateral Flexion … so simple daily tasks like carrying groceries or picking up your kids or grandkids can be accomplished safely
  • Activation…so you can get fully body stronger!

So if you want a stronger, better functioning midsection and want to be able to exercise and enjoy outdoor activities without pain or injury, follow these simple steps.


And, ladies, if you’d like to get in on my FREE 5-Day Core Challenge next week, shoot me a reply with ABS in the subject line.

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