Your current results are from your past thinking

Your current results are from the way you think and, more specifically, the way you thought in the past.


And this is good news because you can make a new decision today and think and believe differently than you did a year ago or yesterday!


You have the choice to change your mind, change your habits and change the way you do things and when you do change and grow, well, that can be instantaneous, but the actual result may take a little bit of time to catch up.


Let’s back up a little bit.


Your mind has two parts – the conscious and the subconscious mind.


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(this is the stick man figure from Bob Proctor)


The conscious mind gets information from the environment, for example, the mirror.


You look in the mirror, you see the shape of your body, you decide you do or don’t like what you see.


The conscious mind then gets to tell the subconscious mind what’s true or not , for example, “I’m in shape” or “I am out of shape” – and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says or does – this is your decision.


Maybe, in the past, you looked in the mirror and said to yourself “I am fat, I’ll always be fat, my parents are fat and therefore I’ll be fat. There is nothing I can do about that.”


The result is you eat whatever you want, whenever you want and you don’t get enough sleep, you drink alcohol and sugary beverages and so on and for that reason, you are holding on to an extra 100#.


Since today is a new day and you’ve been doing a lot of work on your personal growth and mindset  you’ve decided to change what you tell yourself and what you are going to believe.


You decide that you are a woman who is “in shape, exercises and lift weights and eats well” and you begin to do those things.


BUT, one day you step on the scale and it hasn’t budged. You look in the mirror and you see a roll hanging over your waist band and you say to yourself “I knew it, even though I was eating well and exercising, I’m still out of shape”


THIS IS THE MOMENT that you must be aware of because it can bring you right back where you started if you don’t do your mindset work.


If you don’t know about The GAP, you may think that your New Decision, your new way of thinking isn’t working….this is when you have to KNOW that your current result is due to  your OLD way of thinking, not your new and current way of thinking and believing.


You won’t see (the mirror and the scale) your new way of thinking until a little bit later.


Don’t believe that your current paradigm is giving you the current results.


Your current beliefs and thoughts will bring future results.


Even though you are taking action today and yesterday, what your five sense tell (the scale) you, are not indicative of your current paradigm or your future results.


Keep showing up! Keep doing what you are doing and the results of your daily habits will soon be your new results.