We had and awesome workout today!

“The basic ingredient to all success is attitude.” ~ Bob Proctor

The concept of attitude is powerful!

Think about it in your own life.

How well does your day go when your attitude is droopy (or worse!)?

Then, think about a day when you had a great attitude? How did your day go?

I bet you didn’t let other people annoy you, you were happy and grateful to be able to stand in line for your coffee or wait an extra 20 minutes while you got your car repaired or grateful that you were able to drive off to work.

On this day, you had  an attitude that set the tone for the entire day…and you were happier, more productive and people responded to you differently.

Well, today during our workout, we set the tone right from the get-go.

As each client walked Into the studio, I looked her in the eye and told her she was awesome and she was going to have a great and awesome workout. We gave a strong high-5 and and as I was jumping and jogging around, I could see them all light up!

Our workout was fun, the ladies  worked hard, and some meaningful connections were made.

This means that simply by changing their attitude to “being awesome”, their efforts in the studio had a bigger and better physical and emotional pay off!

Remember, YOU get to DECIDE your attitude.