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Every Friday at Her Fitness we go over our WINS of the week.


Everything from small to big WINS count and matter.


Anything from having feelings of blessings and gratitude to losing “X” number of pounds to “I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt!”


One of my clients mentioned that she recently noted to herself “I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt” …did you read that? THE STRONGEST I’VE EVER FELT………. and it resonated with me.


While I talk a fair amount about weight loss because it is a prevalent topic of interest, I, personally, like to talk about, feel, work towards being strong, so when “K” said this, I beamed with excitement (and some pride, too!)


Being strong gives you confidence. You stand a little taller, smile a little bigger because you know you can take care of yourself if you need to, you are in a better position to help others – it’s so empowering!


Do you want to know how she did it? Do you want to know her secret?


Every day since she signed up with Her Fitness, K showed up. Three times a week, she came, never complained, always gave her best and that’s her secret.


Not much of a secret is it?


It’s not as complicated as the internet, magazines, gurus or the voice in your head make it sound.


Don’t be afraid of getting stronger.


Don’t be afraid that you can’t do it.


Don’t let fear run your life.


Being strong might look like getting yourself out of the beach chair, carrying the “big, big” bag of dog food, moving furniture around in your house (or putting away that deck furniture) or running your first 5k.


Whatever “strong” looks like to you – go for it!


Make a decision to be stronger, healthier, more fit and then take committed action.


I help women “Get Stronger!” every day.

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