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Self-Diagnosed Sciatica?

Have you diagnosed yourself with sciatica?

Most adults will suffer from back pain at some point in their life.

The term Sciatica is often thrown around any time a person has pain that  goes from the buttock and travels down the leg.

Sometimes the root cause is a herniated or bulging disc on the sciatic nerve, but sometimes it’s not.

Your sciatic nerve can also get “squeezed” by one of the muscles in your buttock called the piriformis.

Have you heard of piriformis syndrome?

This is when the muscle puts increased pressure on the sciatic nerve and mimics Sciatica (which has its origins in the low back).

In the video you’ll see how we use a foam roller at Her Fitness to reduce stiffness in this area. The position you put yourself in also puts the piriformis on a stretch, so, you get double bang for your buck….stretch using body positioning and foam rolling to get a deeper, self-massage.

Check it out here:

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