Do you keep putting exercise off until tomorrow? Here’s a tip.

One great tip to stay fit (especially if you keep putting it off) this busy holiday season is to keep your workout to 15 minutes or less!


Yes! You can do so much in just 15 minutes; enough to get you started OR to keep you going.


The only rule is that it should be metabolic resistance-based exercises, meaning you want to do strength training with very little rest between the exercises.


Here’s an example of what that could look like:


Go for 30 seconds for each exercise with 15-20 seconds rest in between. Rest 1 minute at the end before you repeat 3 times.


That’s just about 15 minutes! If you only do 2 sets, it’s more time-saving and will still help you maintain!

  1. Squats (use body weight, bands, dumbbells, or kettlebells)
  2. Push-ups (counter, wall, knees, full)
  3. Leg Curl with stability ball (both legs, single leg)
  4. Side Plank (on wall, on knees, a.k.a. short lever, full straight body on feet, a.k.a long lever)
  5. Jumping Jacks (use bands to make it more challenging)


Here’s another workout that has only 3 exercises. Check it out on YouTube!


Don’t get hung up on, “It has to be an hour, or it doesn’t count.” These 15 minute workouts have saved me during busy times!