A short video of why you need to lift

Life requires you to be strong, especially if you want to remain independent and not get frail as you age.


At Her Fitness, we often do an exercise called Farmer’s Carry.


It’s simply carrying two heavy kettlebells or dumbbells alongside your body and walking.  But you have to walk upright without leaning, twisting, or being hunched over.


Your grip strength improves, which impacts the health of your shoulders.


Your core gets stronger, which impacts everything!


Your heart rate gets up, which is necessary to to improve your health and fitness levels.


Here’s a short video of a real-life farmer’s carry. (Okay, she’s not a farmer hauling hay bales, but Julie is demoing that we all carry bags!)


Farmer’s Carry



Get two book bags or two suitcases, and fill them with heavy stuff. Start walking. That’s it.


There are ways to make it harder or more challenging, but you get the idea.


Carry heavy stuff so you CAN carry heavy stuff!