After last night’s game, you need Nutrition

If you watched last night’s game and didn’t fall asleep, I bet you ate some foods that you wish you hadn’t.


Maybe today you are feeling bloated, cranky, and dare I say it…fat. Yep, you might be feeling all of these things and more…and not “more” in a good way.


So today is a good day to get some Nutrition.


Sure, you can eat healthy, but that might seem boring.


Maybe you aren’t confident that you CAN eat healthy.


Let’s reframe it, then!


If you want to stop feeling like crap and instead, feel good and go get yourself some nutrition.


Yeah, that’s right: Nutrition. While it might not be grammatically correct it IS CORRECT that you need to eat nutritious foods!


Instead of eating healthy….eat Nutritiously!


The next time you go to put something in your mouth, ask yourself, “Will this food provide my body with much needed vitamins, minerals, or fiber?”


“Will this food support my body and give me energy, help me repair my body, recover, or provide an an anti-aging benefit?


You’ll know the answer instantly, and it just might be the head talk you need to take charge of your eating habits!


Let me know if you need help in this area, and start using different words when you talk to yourself!