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I want to share this exercise with you because it hits a lot of areas!

You’ll really sizzle the core (which includes way more than your abs), but in doing this exercise, we are also creating an environment for healthy knees, back and shoulders.

Check it out here and if you don’t like country music then Sound OFF! ;)

CE Bridge w/ March_mini-band

I’m hosting a workshop for women who are afraid to exercise because her knees bother her. If you are hesitant about becoming more active, this workshop is for YOU! Early bird deadline to save $10 ends on March 31. See below.


1. Painful knees? You can still Exercise! Workshop


If you have knee pain that limits your exercise, you still can do your every day chores, but sometimes they hurt after cleaning the tub or gardening and you are afraid to exercise, or the pain limits your exercise, this workshop is for you!

You’ll learn how to strengthen your body to support the knees, learn about lack of mobility that might be causing your knee pain and how to adjust for that and exercises that specifically target knee pain so that you can move with more freedom and less fear!

Reply back with Knees in the subject line to register or ask a question.

When: Monday, April 10

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Location: Her Fitness, 13 Stangl Rd.

Cost: $49 (register before April 1 and save $10) Venmo code below , Pay Pal or reply back to register by credit card.

Be Prepared: To exercise! Wear workout gear, bring indoor sneakers (or barefoot), bring a mat and water bottle.

You should be able to get up down to the ground and up again without severe pain.

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