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You Have to embrace this along the way…

I’ve seen my fair share of women in the studio over the past 10 years who have wanted to make a change, lose some weight, get stronger and feel happier.

And so many women have done just that, however, there are some out there who believe that once they reach a certain number on the scale…once they can get to XXX lbs., everything will change and they will be happier. All their problems will be resolved.

Unfortunately, that is never the case.

Reaching your new weight goal, in and of itself, doesn’t dramatically change your life.

Yes, you might be smaller, but if you’ve ever thought “I’ll be happy when I am XXX pounds” and all you changed was your waist line, you probably won’t be happier because INSIDE you are the same person.

What can dramatically change your life is this: Embracing the process, embracing the person you are becoming because of the changes you are making.

Who you become along the journey is more important than a number on the scale.

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