[Try It This Weekend] Replace or Combine “Good With Bad”

My niece tagged me in a post reminding me of the effectiveness of replacing one habit with another.


The post was from a woman who replaced her morning coffee with an apple. Sounds simple, right?


I know for some of you, giving up that coffee is NOT an easy thing to do. But just think about the health benefits this woman gained by eating one apple every day!


Maybe you’re not ready to give something up. Instead, you can try combining two things.


Like brushing and flossing go together, watching the morning news could go with stretching.


Or whenever you clean up the dishes, you listen to a personal growth and development podcast like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, or Tony Robbins.


Or before you check your e-mail, you have to read your vision or goals.


Maybe you want to start taking a multi-vitamin. Start taking it at the same time that you do something else that you never miss, like drinking coffee.  😉


Soon the two tasks go together.


You don’t do one without the other.


It’s just become a habit.


Tell me what you’ve been wanting to do, but you keep forgetting or you think you don’t have time for!