[Try It This Weekend] The Game of Gratefuls

You know how you might start complaining, either in your head or out loud, and then you catch yourself.


You know other people have worse problems and heartaches than you do.


Well, this weekend, if you catch yourself (or your kids, co-workers, whoever) complaining or doing the “woe is me” thing, play The Game of Gratefuls.


I have to thank my friend for an intro to this game.


We brought the kids to the park and then afterwards stopped at Ginny’s for some ice cream. That’s where it went down.


It was a hot day, we were tired, and moms, you know those two things are a bad combo!


Anyway, my friend and her kids ordered medium sized ice creams.


I ordered a small for myself and a medium for Audrey.


You can imagine the pouty face on Audrey when her friend’s cup was overflowing with yummy ice cream, my soft serve was big enough for two people, and her ice cream didn’t even hit the brim of the cup!


That was it! A fun day at the park and getting ice cream turned into “it’s not fair, I don’t have enough, I want more,” on and on.


My friend, who is much more diplomatic than I am, gently said, “Let’s play The Game of Gratefuls.”


And you know what?….It worked!


The mood changed, and we were all laughing again and feeling grateful for what we had. (I told Audrey I was most grateful for the mistake the girl behind the counter made in giving me a medium instead of small! Haha, no. I was grateful for a day with friends.)


So, all you do is go around the room, and each person says something they are grateful for. That’s The Game Of Gratefuls!


My friend assures me that the more you do it, the more automatic it becomes to play!


Good luck!