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Staying Positive is Key

Staying positive is key when you are making changes to your nutrition and exercise.

Look at what is going well.

Look at what you are doing right…(and do more of that.)

I use the Hashtag #mindsetexercisenutrition on my Instagram posts because it is your MINDSET that comes first…. it’s how you think that helps you succeed when you are working on your nutrition and exercise.

Why do you want to change your nutrition and exercise?

Because you want to lose weight? Be more confident? Look more attractiveFit into your clothes?

Yes…but, it’s more than that…..It’s how you FEEL, it’s the feeling that we all crave.

We all want to feel good and we know, deep down, the eating well and exercising will help us FEEL GOOD.

Even for those who don’t like to exercise, you know you like the BENEFITSthat eating well and exercise give you (hint, it’s that feeling).

So…focus on the Positive.

Focus on the progress your making.

Focus on the good feelings you have when you eat well and exercise.

Have a Positive Mindset

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