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Is Your Self-Esteem Suffering?

According to Webster, self-esteem means “having a feeling of respect for yourself and your abilities.”

Your self-esteem might be suffering if you can’t  seem to lose 20# (or however many pounds).

How is it that you can care for 3 kids, keep up the house and hold a full time job, yet losing weight is illusive?

Looking back at the definition of self-esteem it says “respect for your abilities.” If you think you can’t do something, your self-esteem goes down. If you think you are unable to lose weight, you are not respecting your abilities hence the low self-esteem.

Here’s the thing, though. You have LOTS of abilities and talents. LOTS of them.

Can you name three abilities and talents? How about five?

Go ahead…say them out loud.

For example, 1. I am a caring mother 2. I am a thoughtful wife 3. I am great at my job 4. I can fold a king -sized fitted sheet into a perfect square 5. My driving skills are unmatched. ;)

You get the idea…say out loud (or write them down) five things you are great at!

If “losing weight” doesn’t fall on that list, don’t beat yourself up…it probably doesn’t fall on anyone’s top 5 list of things to be great at!

Okay, so losing weight may not be one of the top 5 things you are great at, but you still want to lose those extra 20# and you’re not sure why you haven’t been able to do it on your own.

The main reason is focus.

Don’t agree with me?

Tell me how many days in the past 60 days have you eaten properly, gotten enough sleep and exercised?  If the answer was anything less than 48 days, you haven’t been focused on it.

I’m not reminding you of this to pick on you! Not at all. I’m just bringing awareness to you.

You see, some women think that if they have a few good meals, the scale will change and their clothes will fit them better. It doesn’t usually work like that.

You have to think about the long gameLook further down the road.  Your planning today impacts your outcome of tomorrow.

If you are ready to spend more time focusing ON YOU so you can lose 20 pounds (or however many pounds it is for you), hit reply and let me know.

We have a Core and Cardio Specific Training 8-Week training special that might be just what you need to get focused.

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