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Quick Sweat Sesh….

I have to admit, my workouts have been very quick lately!


Busy moms, busy women…we have a lot going on, but we still need to put ourselves on the “To-Do” list,” so sometimes effective workouts have to be fast!


Here’s a routine for you. You’ll need resistance bands (which you should have if you want to get in shape/stay in shape) and a Kettlebell or heavy dumbbell or something heavy.


Perform each exercise for 1 minute, and then rest 30 seconds (rest 60 seconds at end of #4). Repeat 2-4 times.

  1. Single Kettlebell Deadlift (Good form is a must; don’t compromise your back just to get the reps in.)
  2. Push-Up (Wall, on the stairs, knees, or full.)
  3. Band Squat & Row (Better move it fast on these, ’cause it is easy to dog it when you want to!)
  4. High Knee jog (Imagine you are going down and back an agility ladder!  Your feet are moving quick!)
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