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Move like this for your upper back and shoulders

You’ll always feel better if you move better.


If you are groaning with each bend or lift, it’s time to pay attention to how you move daily.


Get down on the floor, and try this upper back mobility drill. Spend more time on the floor in general. There is more opportunity to move your hips, low back and ankles when you’re on the ground.


(Side Note: You become more ‘flexible’ when you MOVE , rather than with a static stretch.)


Here’s an upper back exercise that will help your shoulder feels less stiff, too.


This is straight from my Instagram post (and if you’re resisting IG, go check it out…more fun than FB!)


Mobility. You feel good with it, you feel old without enough of it.


This upper back drill keeps your thoracic spine moving (or gets it moving better).


If that part of your back does NOT have enough mobility, other joints take the brunt of its workload.


For instance, your upper back should rotate more than your low back. If it doesn’t, your low back will get the job done, but eventually there is a cost that comes in the form of pain.


Yes, low back pain can stem from not enough mobility in your upper back.


In this drill:

  1. Foot comes to outside of right hand.
  2. Reach right hand up to sky.
  3. Turn eyes and neck so you are looking at right hand.
  4. Press left hand into ground.
  5. Try and get a straight line from left hand to right hand.
  6. Exhale as your reach up.
  7. Straighten left leg, squeeze left glute.
  8. Switch sides.
  9. Keep those shoulders down and away from ears.


Try this 4-8x per side.


The more frequently you do this throughout the day, the quicker the changes.


Did I say breathe?


Remember to breathe out on the way up.


Oh, yes, breathe. 😉

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