Let The Eating Commence!

I mean “Don’t Diet”.


A lot of women are thinking “I’ll start my diet on Friday or next Monday.”


Let’s face it, though – dieting stinks. It’s feelings of deprivation and bland food. You’re always looking forward to when you can stop dieting.


So, don’t diet. Especially now!


It’s okay to eat what you want on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.


What messes women up and makes them gain a size is when they eat and skip exercise the rest of the year.


Really, a few days or even a couple of weeks don’t wreck you (although a couple of weeks can do some serious damage and make you feel bloated, sluggish and gross), but a few months…that’s what can do you in and ruin your goals.


So tomorrow, let the eating commence, but after that and in between the holidays, make wise choices.


Choose wine OR dessert.


Choose bread OR appetizer.


Choose to splurge on Friday OR Saturday.


This holiday season, instead of trying to lose weight, let’s think about maintaining and NOT gaining.


And, you can do that by following the mindset of “choose this NOT that”.


Not everyday and every meal can be a splurge, but Thanksgiving….now that’s a splurge!


I’m taking a day off from writing tomorrow to be with my family and I hope you take a day off from your e-mail.


Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!