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My camping dead zone

We went camping with some friends and even though the campground offered “Free Wi-Fi”, it was a complete dead zone.

No checking email, no newsletter writing, no scrolling Facebook and Instagram, no looking something up on the web,  not even text messages were going through reliably.

Oh, yeah, no TV and the radio in the camper was barely coming in. We could have gotten news from the car radio I suppose or going to the campground office, but we didn’t need to.

At first, I was nervous about being “disconnected”, and because of habit, we all were checking our phones regularly, but then we stopped because there was nothing to see.

It really made me notice how often I (and almost everyone else) am on my phone and how often I check it for…..NOTHING!  Nothing pressing, anyway.

Part of being healthy is having engaging relationships with other people we enjoy and I think technology has robbed us of some connection.

This weekend I was forced into “tech-free”and it was eye-opening.

I was more present and got stuff done more quickly (yes, even on “vacation” you need to get stuff done!).

If you haven’t gone “tech-free”, I suggest that you pick a date that suits your family and everyone go without their phones, iPads, laptops, TV or whatever else is keeping you or your family present in the moment.

If I were to do another tech-free day by choice, I would plan better because I have to admit, as I am writing this newsletter, I’m feeling a bit distress over it not being done sooner!

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