An easy protein-rich breakfast

Remember the other day when I recommended a protein rich breakfast on the day of a holiday party?


Well, that’s really a great breakfast idea for every day!


Most mornings are on-the-go-busy for me, too, so I know you are looking for something fast, easy, affordable, and tasty.


When I have time, I like to eat left over chicken or fish or make some egg white scramble with spinach and a piece of fruit. But usually (about 5 days per week), it’s a protein/meal replacement shake.


It’s fast, yummy and nutritious.


Here’s what I do:


Blend together:

  • about 8-10 oz almond milk
  • protein powder (vanilla, chocolate, or moccachino)
  • a spoonful of cacao powder
  • real greens or powdered greens
  • piece of fruit (I’ll eat the fruit or blend it – either way).


You can also add in a tablespoon of coconut oil, nut butter, or a sliver of avocado for some fat. Sometimes I do this, other times, I skip it because I’ll get my fat in later in the day.



This is an affordable breakfast, too!

Almond Milk: .35

Frozen blueberries: .90

Protein powder: $2.00

Spinach: .80

PB: .28

Total: $4.33 per meal for a very high quality, nutritious meal that will fill you up, keep you energized, and help you FEEL GREAT!