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It is exhausting

I’ve talked about weight loss, specifically fat loss, for years because that’s what many women want.

Most women come into the studio wanting to lose weight and what they really want is to be leaner, having more muscle definition and to fit into their jeans.

Of course, they want to be healthier, more fit and stronger, but “weight” loss is always a big factor. It’s not surprising, either, since more than 7/10 adults in the U.S. are overweight with 40% being life-threateningly so!

However, after a while, women realize that it can be exhausting to always think about “losing.”

It gets tiresome, old, boring, and a drag to constantly think about weight loss. Seriously, how many years can you go on being motivated to take action when it’s only about “losing” ?

Well, if that happens to be you – you’ve gotten so tired of always thinking about “losing” – than start thinking the opposite.

Start thinking “What can I gain? How can I improve?”

How can I gain muscle?

How can I gain freedom from food /exercise obsession?

How much more weight can I lift?

Is this going to help with my mobility?

How can I gain health?

What can I do to improve my posture/make my feet feel better/reduce a back ache?

Will this reduce my stress?

Try asking yourself these questions instead of “How can I lose weight?”

It is absolutely freeing!

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