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Hard Choices

What hard choices did you make this weekend that brought you closer to the results you want?

If you think about it, it’s the “hard” choices that get us what we want.

When it comes to finances, relationships, fitness/health or spiritual, it is always the “uncomfortable” choices that we make consistently that brings about change.

Saving money and waiting to make that big purchase, rather than getting instant gratification by using a credit card, is not easy, but it teaches us patience and gratitude without leaving us with the heavy burden of debt on our shoulders.

Being the first to say “I’m sorry” is not easy for most people, but it brings two people closer together when said with sincerity.

Going to the gym 3x/week at 6:00 a.m. in the morning, especially as it gets colder, is not easy for most people, but when you consistently exercise and lift weights you improve your body composition, you get stronger, your immune system works better and you will likely live longer and avoid taking medicine.

Spending time reading the Bible or other faith books and/or going to church/synagogue/temple every week is not convenient, therefore not easy, for most people, but when you make that choice to go regularly, your faith builds along with deeper connections to like minded people and you become more peaceful and satisfied with your life.

Interestingly, though, those hard choices become easier and easier as time goes on and once again, you’ll have to make new, hard choices to continue your progress.

Like lifting weights..the exercise never gets easier, because when it does, you grab a heavier weight to lift.;)

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