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3 Tips To Avoid Holiday Party Over-Eating, part 1

We all have holiday parties to attend…sometimes we’re happy about that and sometimes not-so-much;)

Either way, you’re going to the party and don’t want to over eat unhealthy party food only to regret it tomorrow and so here are three tips to help you avoid over-eating at the party(and don’t knock them until you try them!):

  • Have a protein rich breakfast (about 25-30 grams of protein). This is easy to do if you plan. This is where protein shakes make your busy life easier (my typical breakfast is a shake). Protein in breakfast will help with satiety throughout the day. Have some carbohydrates, too. Don’t avoid them just because you’re going to a party later. Carbs (fruit is a carb!) will help with satiety and insulin sensitivity throughout the day. Do NOT skip breakfast or lunch on the day of a party hoping to save calories – IT DOESN’T WORK!
  • Be active. This is no time to skip your exercise. Even if you aren’t currently “officially an exerciser”, get out and go for a walk, a hike or play with your kids earlier in the day. This will help you burn some calories and sensitize your muscles to the carbs you are likely to eat later on. Being active will also reduce stress that comes with a hectic schedule and so you’re more likely to make choices that are mindful and better quality.
  • Eat before you go. Have food in your belly, even a meal replacement shake, will prevent you from going in hungry and devouring everything that gets placed in front of you. If your party is right after work, prep it and bring it to work with you and drink it on the way.

Enjoy your party:) and on Wednesday I will share more tips on how to prevent over-eating at your holiday party!

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