3 Tips to Avoid Holiday Party Over-Eating, part 2

  • Eat in Order. “What? There’s a correct order to eat your food?” Yes! Once you are there on party night, “attack” the food in strategic order so that you feel full and satisfied before chowing down on high sugar, high fat foods that are hard to resist. If available, start with broth based soups and salads. Next, go with protein-rich foods – cocktail shrimp, beef or turkey dishes. Next, hit the vegetables – roasted or raw. The cooked will be gentler on your digestive system, but skip if they are smothered in butter or cream sauce. Finally, go for small amount of carbs or desserts that you know are absolutely delicious.
  • Stand or sit NOT facing the food tables. Sound too simple to work? Try it. We eat when we are hungry and we eat when see/smell or otherwise cued to eat (think about commercials – Pringles come on and you’re headed to the kitchen at 9:00 at night). Focus on the people, the friends and the season.
  • Stay hydrated. This one is a challenge for me because I don’t like to drink cold beverages in cold weather and I know I’m not alone! Try hot water with lemon, herbal teas or room temperature water infused with fruit. Being dehydrated is not only produces a stress response, it may cause you to eat more calories!

Enjoy your party:)