Stop eating every hour if you want to lose weight!

Grazing used to be a weight loss “thing”.

Eat small meals all day long they told us.

It’s sort of correct, but interpretation matters.

Frequent small meals are great as long as they are at least 3-5 hour apart from one another.

You need that period of time to allow your body the opportunity to use body fat as fuel.

If you eat very frequently (aka grazing) your blood sugar goes up, therefore insulin goes us and STAYS up (because you are eating every hour or so.)

When insulin is up, fat burning is down. Side note: elevated insulin may also cause inflammation.

This includes what you drink as well.

If you eat breakfast at 8:00 then have coffee with cream or milk at 9:30, your blood sugar and will go up at 8 and again at 9:30. Your insulin will rise after your first meal and then again at 9:30 because of the milk.

Everyone is different in how sensitive their body is to insulin rising and how much food is required to elevate insulin, but a good bet is to keep 3-5 hours between each time you eat or drink food/calories.