Pickleball is great, but it’s missing this.

How many people do you know who play pickelball and     l⃣   o⃣   v⃣   e⃣​   it?

I mean they are bonkers in love with playing this game!

It can be a great source of fun, a fantastic way to get outside, spend time with your friends, have a little competition in your life and get some cardio in.

However, do not be fooled into thinking that playing Pickleball is all you need for exercise.

As you get older your muscles naturally atrophy and, luckily, there is something you can do about that!

Unfortunately, playing pickelball is NOT the thing to do to fight against the naturally occurring muscle loss.

Opps, I almost forgot to mention, Pickleball won’t help very much with your osteopenia or osteoporosis, either.

What does help is lifting weights…..heavier  than your laundry basket or shopping bag kind of weights!

Here are reasons to incorporate strength training into your Pickleball routine:

    • Increase strength (not going to happen with PB)
    • Increase muscle mass (not going to happen with PB)
    • Decrease belly fat (deep and superficial) (may happen with PB)
    • Increase bone mineral density (not going to happen with PB)