Is there a perfect time to start your “eat healthy, exercise plan”?

Remember when you were starting to think about having kids, and you thought, “Is this the right time?”


Do we have enough money?


Do we have enough time?


Is the house big enough?


And then someone you trusted said to you, “It will never be the right time. The timing will never be perfect. You just have to do it. Do your best, and have faith. It will all work out. You’ll be great parents.”


So, you went and had a couple of kids, and somehow you’ve made it.


It’s the same with getting healthy. Starting a healthy eating plan, exercising, working on your mindset, changing lifestyle habits – there is never a perfect time!


One reason Nike’s slogan, “Just Do It,” is so powerful is because action NOW is more important than all the planning in the world without action.


You need motivation? Take action NOW.


You need to get out of your own way? Take action NOW.


You need to get out of a funk? Take action NOW.


You want to feel better? Take action NOW.


You want to fit into your shorts come summer? Take action NOW.


You will always have more work to do.


Your kids will have after school activities for years to come.


You won’t become less tired by NOT changing.


There will be another birthday party, another special anniversary, a vacation, or a wedding.


Start TODAY. Take action NOW. Do your BEST.