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An unusual success story

Short and sweet, and here it is:


Working out in spite of feeling out of control with life being crazy!


Why unusual? Because many people only think of “success” as weight loss or dropping a dress size. Yes, those are magnificent success stories!


But, they aren’t the only type of success that matters.


Jenn recently moved, and she works full-time. It was Christmas, and she shopped and decorated, and she has two active teens. AND she got her workouts IN!


To me and to her, this was a big accomplishment, and I encouraged her to write it on the Her Fitness Win Of The Week board!


I’m so proud of Jenn for putting her health on the ever expanding list of things to do!


What does success mean to you?


It doesn’t have to be weight loss, although it could. Don’t let friends, family, social media, news, or magazines tell you what YOUR fitness success looks like!


Congratulations, Jenn!

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