Try one of these five things over the weekend to improve your health and fitness

The weekend is a great time to try something that moves you closer towards your health and fitness goals.


You probably got some much needed catch-up sleep and, hopefully, your schedule isn’t as stressed or tight.


The idea is to try something and then, if you like it, begin to incorporate it into your weekday life.


Try one or more of these things to improve your health or fitness:

1. Walk around barefoot.

More than any other area of the body, the foot has over 7,000 nerve endings! Along with 52 bones and 33 joints, you can’t deny how important our feet are to our overall health and fitness.

It’s no wonder rock mats have become so popular! A few minutes a day of standing on a rock mat has been shown to improve back pain. I even made one from rocks I gathered, and once I modify it a little bit, I’ll take a picture and share it.

2. Get blackout shades for your bedroom.

You can do this, and it might improve your life by 1000%! Your bedroom should be dark, dark, dark, and dark. Our bodies are sensitive to light. (We even have light receptors in our ears – light gets in from everywhere!)

3. Prep and freeze the ingredients for green smoothies.

You know it – I’m a pusher of protein and green smoothies! They are sooooo healthy for your body (see below to get some recipes).

I think the hardest part of drinking a green smoothie is the prep work. Sometimes I prep a whole bunch of ingredients and freeze them in a zip lock bag so that during the week, all I have to do is pull the bag out and throw it in the high-power blender. The weekend is the perfect time for this.

4. Measure out 80 oz. of water…

And drink it in one day. Remember, it’s the weekend, and this is a great time to practice.

5. Practice your 3-D breathing.

Yes, there is reason to practice, and it’s because most people are breathing wrong! You breathe wrong by breathing shallow, using accessory muscles like your neck and having your ribs up and out.

Check out this video, and practice along.


Remember, try just one of these things. Choose one that feels easy, and begin using it during the week. You don’t have to do it every day if that is stressful…commit to doing it X number of times and then slowly increase.