[Try It This Weekend] Your sleeping environment

Enough quality sleep is essential for optimal living.


So what are you doing to help yourself get better at sleeping?


This weekend is a great opportunity to put some things into place that will help you sleep better!


Here are some things to try:


  1. Lower the temperature of your room.
    Experts say 62-68 degrees will give you the best sleep, so set a timer on your thermostat so your bedroom is cool before you are ready to go to bed.
  2. Get and install black out shades.
    Cover any green/red/blue little lights that are on your TV, electronics, clocks, etc. Find a way to cover those little dots of light.
  3. Buy a pair of Blue Blockers.
    It can be the cheap $10 pair or expensive ones that look like regular glasses. They work to cut the blue light emitted from artificial light.
  4. Buy some lavender spray.
    Mist it over your bed before hopping in. Essential oils have a strong impact on our nervous system and can help you relax.
  5. Do NOT drink alcohol.
    Alcohol is a stimulant! It’s not a depressant that makes you sleep. You might hit the pillow hard, but you don’t get into REM or for as long as you need to be.


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