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Is it motivation?

January has come and gone, and so have most people’s New Year’s Resolutions.

The year usually begins with a flurry of activity … new workouts, a new diet, a fresh start.

By the time February arrives, most of those who had a resolution that “this is the year I take care of myself and start exercising” have run out of gas (and motivation) and fallen back into their old habits.

I get it! The kids at home, the snow (and now ice) keep coming..ugh!

BUT, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way!

You see, when I speak with women who’ve fallen out of their fitness routine (or not started one in the first place), they often blame a “lack of motivation.”

But motivation isn’t the problem.

Not having a plan is where most women go wrong.

By plan, I mean one that has the following qualities:

— It’s Simple: If you make things complicated, you run the risk of losing interest and/or getting discouraged when it gets too hard to follow. Start with one thing you’re at least 80% confident you can do consistently for 2 weeks, then build from there. And if you’re less than 80% confident, make it easier … and simpler.

— It’s Realistic: If, like most women, you’re busy with work, school and/or kids, working out six days a week probably isn’t happening. Once you realize that you can get great results with about three workouts a week, another day or two of a light physical activity you enjoy, and making your meals a little bit healthier, it makes the process a whole lot easier.

— You have accountability: People who check in are more likely to continue doing what they set out to do. This accountability can be with a trainer, like me, but it doesn’t have to be! You can be accountable to yourself by logging your workout /meal plan, etc. in your calendar and checking it off when you are done (I use an app to deliver many of my programs and it feels great to check that little box and see them all checked off at the end of the week!)

You can also get a buddy to check in with. I love this type, you just shoot your friend a text at the end of the day: done! However, you best pick the proper friend..not one who lets you off the hook;)

So if you set a New Year’s Resolution and have already abandoned it, don’t beat yourself up … we’ve all done that.

Instead, start smaller with a simple, realistic plan with an accountability.

You’ll be much more likely to stick with it … and have a much better chance of reaching your ultimate goal.

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