Can you resist the chocolate chip cookies?

Can you resist chocolate chip cookies?


I can’t!


On Saturday, my niece who was home from college, came over to make a gingerbread house with Audrey.


On Saturday night, Mike and Audrey made chocolate chip cookies.


We still have Halloween candy left over.


I will eat sweets.


Do you see where this is going?


If the food is there, I will eat it. I’m kind of known for that…you can go back as far as my college roommates, and they will tell you the truth!


So here’s my dilemma: I want to eat the cookies and candy, but I don’t want to feel bloated and gross, nor do I want to gain any fat weight this month.


This is what I did so I wouldn’t eat the junk!

  1. Covered the cookies with a towel so I couldn’t see them. Would you be able to resist chocolate chip cookies laying out on your counter (or even frozen in the freezer)?
  2. Moved the gingerbread house so it doesn’t sit next to me while I’m typing away.
  3. Halloween candy…eh, it’s in a room I don’t spend a lot of time in, so that’s an easy one.
  4. Forced myself to be accountable to my clients. I made a video telling them that I wanted to go sugar-free and not eat this junk food that is sitting in my house and asked for help!


Yes, I asked for their help!


I knew that if I told them my goal and asked them to hold me accountable, they would, and I would be better off.


So far, so good! It’s working! I haven’t touched a nibble of those cookies or gingerbread house or candy.


So, what will you do to help yourself this holiday season?


Will you ask someone to hold you accountable?


Will you NOT buy something that is your weakness?