Hard does NOT equal Bad

I found myself avoiding something because it was hard.

I was discussing something with my coach and I said to her “I avoid this because it’s hard, but I have to remind myself that if I do it regularly, the outcome is well worth the effort.”

If I want the outcome, I have to do the work.

See, hard does NOT equal bad and I think we run from hard because we assume hard is the same as bad.

I tell myself and my clients ….the end result is worth the effort.

Yes, you’ll be uncomfortable for a short time, but you’ll get what you want in the end.

You can endure.

You can have grit.

You can overcome.

You can adapt.

Heck, fourth grade math was hard for us at one time and when we were little, our moms had to remind us to brush our teeth, but now these things come easily without a second thought, such is it for many good habits that will improve our lives:)