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Do you value health or wealth?

If you are sick and laid up in the bed or the hospital can you earn a living?


Maybe, but can you can you enjoy what you’ll be  earning while laid up?  Nope.


I learned that lesson years and years ago when I saw my father suffer from asthma from the time I was 4 or 5 years old until the time he died when I was 23 (he was 51.)


When I was little, I  remember my mom bringing my to my neighbor’s house so she could go to the hospital to be with my dad. At that time the hospital didn’t let children into the ICU (either I got older or the rules changed since then.)


I cried and cried because I just wanted to see my dad.


Seeing my dad suffer and not live life to his fullest (heck, he couldn’t even go into the deep end of a swimming pool because the pressure on his chest was too much)  is what led me in the direction of health and fitness.


It’s why I want everyone to value their health and take action every day to prioritize it.


A colleague asked a question: “What do you personally value more? Health or wealth? ” He claimed that while 96% of the respondents said “health”, their current actions showed that they actually valued wealth over being healthy.


How would you answer?


I hope you will answer “Health” and mean it.


If you want health, but you’ve been so focused on wealth (a.k.a. working your butt off at a job or business) and health seems too overwhelming to achieve, here are 20 ideas to get you started:


Choose ONE thing and make it something you do all the time and with ease and then pick another item (pro tip: pick something you think is sooooo easy, you can’t mess it up. If you do mess it up, pick something even easier.)


1. Go to bed before 10 p.m. (after 10 p.m. our hormones shift and you want to be sleeping to maximize the benefits)

2. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day

3. Start your day with a glass of lemon water (excellent for your liver)

4. Eat a vegetable with every meal (yes, even breakfast)

5. Start a 5 Minute Journal (2 1/2 min in the morning, 2 1/2 min in the evening)

6. Go for a walk every single day. Make it happen.

7. Replace your mid-afternoon candy binge with a cup of fresh berries.

8. Call your best friend (or someone who makes you feel good).

9. Spend 10 minutes (straight) petting your dog / cat.

10. Create something.

11. Do 5 minutes of stretching.

12. Call me to set up a Zoom movement screen and get some personalized exercises to help you move better.

13. Cut out added sugar for a week

14. Skip the alcohol

15. Add protein to every meal

16. Wear blue blockers at night (cheap ones work just as well as expensive ones)

17. Forgive someone (maybe yourself)

18. Use a foam roller for self-massage. Here’s an example for stiff hips

19. Learn how to breathe properly and take 2 minutes daily to practice. Watch here as I guide a friend through it.

20. Work with a coach to help you make fitness and health a priority. :)  pssst..hit reply

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