Tiny Action = BIG Results

Sometimes when you look at your fitness goals or weight loss goals you might get so overwhelmed at the thought of it all and you don’t know where to start or you start and soon give up because you think it’s too hard or it won’t happen for you.

Instead of getting completely overwhelmed (and instead of expecting instant results) why not try Tiny Actions to get Big Results.

For example, my colleague, Janelle Yule wants to perform 10 perfect form push-ups.

Instead of trying 10 push-ups every day (and using poor form because she is not yet strong enough) she started using BJ Fogg’s, author of Tiny Habits, idea of doing something so small you don’t think it matters and pairing it with a habit you already do.

Janelle has been doing 1 push-up every day right after she brushes her teeth. Next month she’s going to do 2 push-ups every day after brushing her teeth.

Don’t have the patience?

Ask yourself “Will taking 10 months to perform 10 perfect push-ups be worth it it if the rest of my life I can do 10 perfect push-ups whenever I want to?”

We have become accustomed to instant delivery of results, but personal growth and achievement aren’t boxed deliverables…you have to earn them by putting in the time and effort.

Think about one thing you’d like to work towards and start really, really small….and next time, we’ll talk about your mindset;) around reaching your goals.