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This will cause you NOT to reach your “I’m going to exercise” goal

We can talk a lot about reaching your goals, but if you don’t recognize this simple’ll always be on that hamster wheel and never truly make exercise a part of your lifestyle.

How is it that you find time in the first two to three week in January to exercise and then suddenly you don’t have time anymore?

It’s because you simply added “Exercise” at the bottom of a really long list of “things to do.”

You added Exercise, but you didn’t take anything out and that is one reason you haven’t been able to make exercise stick.

I think there are a few more reasons – it doesn’t feel good, you do it for someone else, you think you have to spend a minimum of an hour every day or it doesn’t matter, you believe you’re family will resent the time away (huge myth right there!), etc.

It’s actually very common for women to simply mentally commit to adding one more thing to her busy plate and think “I’ll power through. I’ll just go to bed later/wake up earlier” without any thought to what has to be left undone.

For every “Yes”, there is a “No” to something else.

If you say “Yes” to exercise, you might say “No” to watching TV or scanning the internet and social media.

Not a bad trade-off if you ask me.

Sometimes the trade-off won’t be so simple. You might have to say “No” to things that are important, like a volunteer opportunity. That’s not an easy, but that’s because you don’t yet understand the positive impact that regular exercise has on your everyday life.

When you realize that exercise improves your life in so many ways like, improving your happiness, helping you sleep better, increase your energy, improved libido, decrease risk of cancer, decrease need for medicine, improved skin, reduced anxiety, increase your patience with small children and annoying adults, and so much more, you’ll be more likely to make the seemingly hard trade-offs.

Take a  look at your responsibilities and habits to figure out which are priority and add to your life versus those that don’t add real value.

Say “No” to the stuff that doesn’t add real value to your life and say “Yes” to exercise. 

It might not be an easy choice at first, but you’ll never regret making your health and fitness a priority.

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