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4 Instant Stress Busters

Prolonged stress slowly breaks down your body leading to illness, muscle and joint aches and pains, an immune system that isn’t functioning at it’s best, high blood pressure and more.

For most busy women, it takes a conscious effort to mitigate stress. Let’s face it, women take care of everything and everyone and we notoriously put ourselves last on the list of “things to do.”

Unfortunately, getting a massage or laying on a biomat or even going for a run just isn’t possible…, what can you do?

Here are 4 Instant Stress Busters that will only take a few minutes, but have a true impact on quieting your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight system) and help you get healthier!

  1. Go outside and stand barefoot in your yard. This is called “grounding” or “earthing”. The idea is that Earth has a negative charge, our bodies have built up a positive charge and by Grounding, you return the body back to neutral state. While the subject seems under researched, if you think about, it feels great to get away from your devices and stand barefoot in the grass;)
  2. Get your Power Pose on. Specifically, sitting up straight can boost your mood and confidence and improve your breathing pattern without doing anything else and that brings me to the next instant stress buster.
  3. Focused breathing. This can be done at your desk, in your car or anywhere! It will lower your heart rate and blood pressure quickly. Inhale through your nose for 3 count, exhale through your mouth for 7 count and hold for 3. Repeat. *Important: when inhaling, do NOT raise your shoulders. Think about your midsection like a barrel or a balloon and you have to fill up all directions – belly, sides of the waist and even into your back.
  4. Breathe in Essential Oil. You’ve likely heard that lavender calms you, but there are other essential oils that can reduce stress as well. Here’s a you might enjoy and to help fit your circumstance.
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