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Why did you stop?

Is there something in your life that you used to do – something you really enjoyed and that was serving you – that you stopped doing?

Maybe it was following a certain training program or belonging to a fitness community where you were getting great results and developing relationships that were adding value to your life.

Maybe it was a hobby that used to give you pleasure and satisfaction, but at some point started to feel like an obligation.

It could have been taking the time to read or journal.

Whatever it is, ask yourself, “Why did I stop?”

If it was something you enjoyed – and something that made your life better – then chances are almost 100 percent that you stopped because of a limiting belief.

What is a limiting belief? Let’s start with what a belief is. A Belief is something you consider to be true.

A Limiting Belief then, is a something you consider to be held as true AND it limits or lowers your ability to act.

For example:

“Every time I join a gym I quit.”

“Every time I lose weight, I gain it back.”

“I don’t have time for scrapbooking, there are too many things on my plate that are more important.”

If you’ve stopped doing something you love, examine the underlying beliefs.

If you want it back in your life, make a new decision or a commitment. This is a choice you make and there are no other options.

You’ve heard of burning all your boats – there’s no turning back – that is a commitment!

Here’s a simple example of burning your boats regarding healthy foods in your house, and you might think it’s kind of silly……but I’m going to write it anyway:

Throw out everything, and I mean everything, in your kitchen pantry that is unhealthy or that you eat that does not support your body. Starting from the pop-tarts to the canola oil to ketchup that contains high fructose corn syrup.

It’s a big time commitment to read all of the labels, it could be a financial expense because you’ll have to replace those items with healthier options (or simply not replace) and it may be emotional draining because you’ll be saying good bye, forever, to foods that you’ve used as a crutch.

I digress.

Back to limiting beliefs – these are what cause us to self-sabotage or people say “I get in my own way.”

You have the ability to create, be or have abundance, but your subconscious beliefs – the ones you developed when you were very young – are holding you back.

Start to examine what thoughts come into your mind on a regular basis and you will begin to understand your deep seated beliefs.

Ask yourself “Is this really true?” The answer may be “No.”

Make a new decision, and it might be the exact opposite, and repeat it and act on that.

Instead of saying “every time I join a gym, I quit.” You could tell yourself “I belong to a fitness studio that I love and will always have a place to do my workouts.”

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