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Skip the Whip

To move closer to your goal, take one small step.

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, famously talks about changing something so small that you don’t even feel it. He also reminds us to reward ourselves when we do the thing.

For example, if you normally order a special coffee drink, let’s say Mocha with Whip, the next time simply Skip the Whip! Then congratulate yourself for skipping it.

It’s a seemingly small thing to do, wouldn’t you agree?

You still get the taste of your special coffee drink with sugar and by skipping the added whip cream you are ditching at least 100 extra calories.

Over time, this can make a big difference.

Next work on skipping the Mocha expect for special, thought out treats.

You can do this with any thing – either by subtracting something out or adding something in.

Maybe you need more sleep. Start by going to bed 15 minutes early and keep moving the needle until you are getting the full 7-9 hours sleep, or whatever it is you need.

Do you inconsistently take supplements, but really want to be better about ti?

Maybe your doctor prescribed Vitamin (hormone) D and you rarely take it, but you know that with a little bit of focus, you’d make it happen.

All it takes is a little focus or a reminder on your phone so it’s not really hard, it’s just that you forget. It’s a small thing, that when you do it regularly, will make a big difference and taking Vitamin D is just one or two little drops – nothing big that is super challenging!

Think about the small, easy things you can do, that with a little bit of focus will get you closer to where you want to be over the course of a year and then do that thing.

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