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[Try It This Weekend] Beginner Push-Up

I’m on vacation this week, but I still wanted to show you how you can get some exercise in without it being a big deal.




Exercise doesn’t have to be a Big Deal, especially if you are a beginner!


In the video, you’ll see I’m on the deck of the beach house doing some elevated push-ups. YOU CAN DO THIS, too!


It might not seem like all that much, but if you aren’t currently exercising, this can get you motivated to do more.


Remember, don’t make a big deal of this.


You don’t have to change your clothes. You can do it if other people are around. (People on the deck next door were watching me!)  You can even do it if you have a drink poured. (I might have had that, too ;0 ).


The point is…just start!


Here’s a quick video of push-ups on the railing of the deck of my vacation house.

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