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It’s not just the food labels (this woman lost 20#)

“I lost over 20 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks.”

That’s a quote from Kara Goldin, the founder and CEO of Hint, Inc.​.

Have you seen her flavored water bottles called HINT? It’s supposedly sweetened with fruit.

Sixteen years ago she was overweight, had adult acne (never had it as a kid), and was lethargic.

On her journey to become healthy again and lose weight she started looking at food labels, count calories and then one day, her Diet Coke can was staring at her.

She realized that she didn’t recognize the words on the ingredient list of her Diet Coke can and stopped drinking it immediately.

That’s when she lost the 20# so quickly. (I listened to an interview with her and this is where she talks about losing the 20#)

The artificial sweeteners in diet sodas, no-sugar iced tea, and lo-cal no sugar added drinks  messed with her metabolism and they are are messing with your metabolism!

When you consume artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas and teas, your brain still produces Insulin. Insulin is a hormone that allows muscle cells to use  the energy (glucose/sugar) from carbohydrates you eat. Insulin is also used by the fat cells and liver cells.

Now, insulin is necessary to keep our blood sugar from going too high. Insulin is not bad, it’s good.

But, when it is  UP, the body’s ability to use fat as fuel is DOWN.

When your insulin is elevated due to artificial sweeteners like those found in diet soda, you don’t use fat for fuel. (this is why I advise my clients to leave a minimum of 2-3 hours between meals and snacks – no grazing.)

These artificial sweeteners can also cause a change in your gut bacteria. This can lead to bloat, digestive issues and again, the bodies inability to lose excess body fat.


If you don’t already do so, start paying attention to what you are drinking, too. 

Avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose (read the label on your “energy bars”), and saccharin.

And remember, all of your lifestyle choices have an impact on how you feel, move and look.

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