If you can’t resist the junk food after a long day…

When was the last time you came home (or came up from your basement work station!) after work or a long day and ate whatever was put in front of you?


It didn’t matter if you were “trying to be good” or otherwise trying to eat healthy – you ate whatever it was because it looked or smelled yummy!


Then, of course, you probably ate too much of said yummy food and didn’t really have any desire to stop eating it, no matter what your nutritional goals were.


The one thing that might make you overeat this unhealthy food  is….Not Eating Enough Throughout The Day.


If you just can’t resist the junk food after a long day, part of the reason could be is that you haven’t had enough calories throughout the day so when you see that food in the late afternoon or early evening…your body and brain kicks into survival mode and says “Eat Food NOW.”


You’ll make better food choices and decisions later on in the day if you NOURISH YOUR BODY, beginning in the morning.


  • Don’t skip meals. (intermittent fasting is not the same and f.y.i. men do better with intermittent fasting than women.)

  • Eat meal one (breakfast) shortly after getting up. ​Even if you are not hungry eat something nourishing (not toast/cereal/bagel) and yes, you will probably be hungry again in a few hours. See #1.

  • Eat some carbs. Everyone has slightly different requirements, but unless your are really, really special, you need some amount of carbs. p.s. It’s highly unlikely your are one of those really, really special “don’t need/can’t have” carb women.

​When all else fails, write down what you eat, approximate amounts and time you ate it.


This will give you awareness, without judgement, so you can change things, create new habits and set yourself up for success!