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Nutrition isn’t the only answer

Besides nutrition, exercise (including resistance training!) is extremely important for blasting away body fat, building lean muscle mass, and exploding your metabolism.

But some types of exercise are better than others.

So, which ones you should be doing to get closer to your goals?

1. You Have To Exercise

Yes, eating right is the first step –but exercise is the second component you need.

Not only are you going to burn excess calories with exercise, you’re going to build lean muscle mass with resistance training.

Since lean muscle mass is key to a faster metabolism, you’re going to have a double whammy to your fat loss.

So even if you eat perfectly all the time (and I don’t know many people who do that)…it will take you a lot longer to lose the fat and your body shape won’t change…it will smaller, but if your glutes are saggy now, they’ll still be saggy, just smaller saggy;)

But the more you exercise (include strength training​ and HIIT), the leaner and more toned you’re going to become.

2. Cut Down On Steady State Cardio

Activities like jogging/running, swimming, and biking all fall under this category.

I am not saying you shouldn’t do it at all, because there is a place for long, steady state cardio, but if you are trying to get lean or lose some fat, this type of exercise is NOT your go-to.

Steady state cardio has been shown to increase cortisol levels. Since cortisol is a stress hormone, this may lead to weight and body fat gain. Cardio may also lower essential hormones your body needs to build lean muscle mass.

3. HIIT Training Isn’t Fooling Around

High intensity interval training is a way to burn fat—while sparing the breakdown of lean muscle. This type of training, you’re alternating between periods of high intensity work, followed by a rest period.

You burn more calories during one session…and continue to burn for up to 48 hours. This means your body is going to keep burning calories for an extended period of time.

But be careful, if you doing HIIT every [day] other day, you are NOT getting the benefit and you are breaking your body down. You’ll be prone to injuries.

As you can see, exercise is extremely important if you want to change your body. Without exercise, you may be limiting the results you could be getting.

So…eat right, exercise, and control the controlables…you will feel so great when you commit to taking care of yourself this way!

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