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Hierarchy of Fat Loss

Fat loss can be very confusing.

On the surface women think “I’ll just exercise more.”

And…sometimes that works!

However, have you ever added  more time on the treadmill, a day or two more of exercise or up the intensity and still nothing changes?

​These are common go-to tactics that, on the surface ,should work. 

After all “Calories In minus Calories Out” should lead to the 500 calorie deficit your FitBit or Apple Watch told you would work and lead to fat loss.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t often lead to the desired results.

More than likely, you end up frustrated, tired, hungry, cranky and with minimal extra fat loss.

Training is definitely necessary for fat loss and to change the shape of your body, but there are  other things to consider besides more, longer or faster cardio.

Here’s my hierarchy of fat loss:

1. Nutrition – The right foods, in the right portions at the right times. Everyone is different and while skipping carbs works for one woman, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. It’s the same with the other macros – fat and protein.

2. Sleep – Your body knows the difference between enough quality sleep and the “I can make through the day” kind of sleep. Most women need  7-9 hours on six to seven days per week for her body to be able to burn fat. Did you know that only two nights of less than required sleep will slow your body’s ability to burn fat as fuel dramatically?

3. Stress – Women don’t appreciate how stress affects their bodies. You might be able to  “make it through” the day and you feel okay, but your body is  telling a different story. Weight gain around the middle, sweet cravings and foggy brain are only a few symptoms of elevated stress. Stress impacts hormone levels like cortisol, testosterone, growth hormone and more, and out of whack hormones are ultimately why we gain or lose weight.

4.Weight training – Or resistance training. Women love cardio, but tell them to lift heavy and  suddenly they become fearful. It takes more energy to move muscle than it does to move fat so up the weights where appropriate. For some, bodyweight exercise is enough, but once you start having more control and mobility, you’ve got to add some resistance. Especially as you age (around 30 years old) because muscle, which gives you a beautiful feminine shape, begins to atrophy and therefore it is necessary to incorporate weights into your training program.

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