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How my friend lost 11 pounds, but… [Part 2]

In my previous post, you read about how my friend used the “moderation technique” to easily lose 11 pounds without feeling hungry or deprived.


It’s a good technique or strategy to get the pounds off. However, weight includes fat weight AND lean tissue, i.e., muscle.


The “but” part of the message, the Part 2, that I really hope you embrace is this:


  1. That reducing your calories to lose weight can be successful, but you lose up to 50% muscle if you don’t exercise.
  2. Caloric restriction (i.e., reducing the amount of food you eat) without resistance training LOWERS your METABOLISM (resting metabolic rate). (Read up on the “Biggest Loser” phenomenon.)
  3. To maintain your new “weight” while not exercising, you’ll continue to have to eat less.


In other words,  the key to fat loss is a faster resting metabolism, which happens when you increase your muscle by strength training!


At Her Fitness, we lift weights, and we do strength and resistance training. We do these exercises to keep our bodies moving well, moving strong, and to maintain and increase our muscles so we can live our lives to the fullest for a long time.

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