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[Try It This Weekend] And How My Friend EASILY Lost 11 Pounds, But… [Part 1]

It’s true, my friend easily lost 11 pounds.


While having lunch the other week with one of my long time friends and college roommates, she told me how cutting back on portion size was the key to her losing 11 pounds.


Proof enough for me that people who want to lose weight need to cut back on overall caloric intake, i.e. reduce their portion size.


She made me laugh as she explained how she didn’t want to feel hungry or deprived in her efforts to lose weight.


I think I laughed because I don’t know a single person who WANTS to feel hungry or deprived, but most people expect that it’s part of the process of weight loss.


Okay…so how did she do it?


She proceeded to explain that she simply cut down on portion size.


Instead of four cookies every day with tea, she only had two. I chuckled again, wishing I had her attitude towards cookies!


Instead of a full sandwich and all the fries, she only ate half and saved the rest for left-overs the next day.


This strategy worked for my friend!


She didn’t feel hungry or deprived, and she lost 11 pounds that’s she’s kept off for a few months.


She is happy! And that is important!


It might work for you, too!


SO, this weekend, try this:


Simply cut back on the foods you already eat, and do this for months (not days). You’ll see a difference!


For example:


  • Don’t be part of the clean plate club. Leave some food on the plate.
  • Have a small ice cream cone instead of a large or medium.
  • Eat only half the sleeve of chips or cookies.
  • Instead of the entire steak, cut off a smaller piece to eat for dinner, and save the rest for tomorrow.
  • Eat every 4 hours instead of every 1 hour.
  • Fast food? Cut the fries down in half. (Just throw the other half in the garbage; no need to save those!)


You get the picture. Give it a go and let me know if you decide to try it!


In part 2, I share the “but” part of the story.

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