How do you control your appetite?

If you’ve started a weight loss plan or you’ve been on one before, then you know how hard it may be to control hunger throughout the day.

In fact, this week, I’ve been doing a 7-Day Detox with some clients and friends and a few women have reached out needed some coaching around “I’m really hungry” (by the way, they weren’t following the plan as it was given so they were struggling a bit.)

Hunger can happen for a number of reasons.

A sudden drop in calories…not eating enough…and sometimes being dehydrated can lead to hunger feelings.

However, the most likely reason why you’re always hungry when you start a “diet” (way of eating) has to do with hormones.

You see, there are hormones that “talk” to your brain, and tell you when you need to eat, or when you don’t.

When these hormones are unbalanced, it could result in that hungry feeling.

Luckily, there is a way to stop this feeling from occurring, and it’s really pretty simple:

Increase your protein intake.

This is by far, the number one nutritional conversation I have with clients.

Studies show that when you switch out carbs and fats for protein, it may better control your appetite and keep those hungry feelings away.

One reason for this is a better balance in your blood sugar levels. More stable blood sugar can cut down on hunger cravings.

The second way protein helps control your appetite is by balancing out your “hunger” and satiety hormones.

Satiety simply means satisfied … and you have specific hormones that help with this.

You can increase these hormones simply by adding more protein to your diet. You’ll experience fewer hunger cravings and better overall meal satisfaction.

So…if you’re just starting out on a “diet” and you’re feeling hungry all the time, you may need to increase your protein intake.

You can do this by eating more lean cuts of meat, wild-caught fatty fish, free-range poultry, Super Shakes, and remember: food is food, get your mind off of eggs are only for breakfast and chicken is only for dinner.

What’s one step you can take today to get more protein in your meals?